Andria: Don Vito Miracapillo “A man, a priest, the mission” – the full video of the presentation of the autobiographical book

A pastoral and judicial event that took place more than forty years ago in Brazil . An Italian priest engaged in evangelization and in defending the rights of the poor, was targeted by wealthy landowners allied with the military dictatorship. Let’s go back to talking about Don Vito Miracapillo , author of the book ” A man, a priest, the mission” ( Tau Editrice ) which traces the hard path of a story unfortunately also made up of threats and retaliation that led Don Vito to trial up to the sentence of expulsion from the South American country. Of the “Miracapillo caseNews and talk shows talked about it for years. The people joined forcefully on the side of the “priest of liberation” with vast manifestations. A story that also involved Dom Helder Câmara , who strongly supported Don Vito and was moved, embracing him, on his return to Brazil, thirteen years after the events. has made an integral video of the new presentation event of the autobiographical publication. The link to the video and some photos:


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