Andria: parish priest forbids water games to avoid waste. Applause from environmentalists on Valentine’s Day

Stop playing with water in the parish to avoid the useless waste of the precious vital liquid. The andriese environmental association 3Place makes it known on social media :

“Last night we were guests of the San Riccardo Parish, located in the San Valentino district of Andria, to symbolically reward the children, young people, the organizers, the Parish all for this choice to safeguard a primary asset which is water. Indeed Don Michelangelo together with the animators decided a few weeks ago, already a period of full water crisis in Italy, to avoid the use of water in the games that are usually played on the last day of closure of a summer oratory. hard for children to accept (imagine their fun in water games), it carries a really strong message:

in a period of drought for Italy, avoiding the use of water in the games of the oratory certainly does not solve such a big problem, but it sows in all children, teenagers and families a message of duty towards our Planet, which must be protected at all costs, even by avoiding games with water. The Parish of San Riccardo is not the first time that it has implemented choices aimed at respecting our Planet: we remember the parish garden with natural products, the water house, the collection of used vegetable oil. We thank all the children, young people, animators, Don Michelangelo and the Parish for these choices. PS If you know a parish or are part of it, and you have made sustainable choices, tell us about them in the comments or in private

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