When in Andria water was bought in via Giovanni Bovio, the vintage photo so as not to forget

The privilege of water in the house is taken for granted today. And yet, even in Andria , until the first decades of the 1900s , water was a good that could only be collected in cisterns and purchased at special kiosks. Before the ambitious initiative of the construction of the Apulian Aqueduct – much desired by the then senator Renato Imbriani , still today honored with a monumental bust in the square of the same name as well as with a clay work in the Fornaci district , where VideoAndria.com had filmed a documentary dedicated to Andria ceramics– as proof of this, there is also a vintage photo taken between the 20s and 30s of the twentieth century in via Giovanni Bovio :


In the photo, in fact, a kiosk is immortalized – later removed – used at the time for the sale of water probably taken from the Serino river , also a source of Campania , still today a region that largely supplies water to Puglia . In the background, then, we note the presence of a lost building: the Camaggio house . But that’s another story.

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